5 Ways to Maintain A Clear Mind And A Light Heart


by Jon

Sometimes it can feel as though life is moving extremely fast ( life isn’t, we are ), there is so much information being thrown at us from various forms of media, paper, tv,books, internet, work, conversations it’s not suprising to find ourselves wading through it like an explorer hacking his way through the amazon jungle.

It becomes like mental ping pong.

Should I do this?
Should I read that?
Oh that reminds me I must do that?
Oh darn I really want to do this?
I gotta do this
Learn what?

We can allow ourselves to become overwhelmed all the way through to just feeling heavy, and this can tend to lead to sickness, depression and being less effective in life.

Here is what I have personally found helpful in maintaining a clear mind and a light heart on a day to day basis

1. A Healthy lifestyle – Note I didn’t say fitness, but health. It’s incredible how clear our minds can become after a 10 minute jog, the blood gets pumping around the body and any heaviness you may have felt before ( not physical weight ) tends to subside. How we treat are bodies has a direct effect on the way we feel, most people recognize that, especially people who are over weight. Take time out weekly to give attention to you body, you will feel better for it.

2. Time for Myself – Those who are married and have kids will grasp the enormousness of this. Mothers you are definately ones that this applies to without a doubt. I’ve heard people say they feel selfish giving time to themselves, buying themself something, treating themselves to something that brings them joy. You are as important as everyone else on this planet, regardless of age, stature or situations people face in life. If you neglet yourself, it has a way of projecting itself on to others too.

* Go have a coffee
* Go take a walk in the park
* Buy that book you have wanted for some time
* Get your husband to take the kids while you go out with friends
* Go get a tan – Its amazing how this can boost your vitality, especially in those cold winter months.

3. Prioritize – All of face similar challenges, we have lots to do and it seems not enough time to do it in, but that’s not really the case. We simply need to evaluate and re-proritize the things we have to accomplish and do each day. Place what is critical at the top and don’t try to overload your day with more than you can realistically do.

4. Time for Others – You are important and so are other people equally. By finding ways to give of yourself to other people, you will find life will show you things that naturally cause you to feel lighter about issues you have buzzing around in your head. Time for others, doesn’t have to be expensive:

* Phone a friend up
* Help someone you don’t know with a challenge there facing
* Go Volunteer in your community
* Go spend some time with someone

5. Laughter – The medicine of life; By far this is one of the best ways to stay light hearted and clear. So many times we take things way, way too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself, laugh at life. I find just going into Walmart at peak times in the year like Christmas and Halloween just hilarious, watching people buzzing around, arguing over what is or what isnt being sold. Honestly its just too damn funny at times, people taking life way to serious. Watch a comedy at least once a week, make time to laugh.

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