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It was six years ago when I started Endless Wave Software to realize my long time dream of creating mobile games. At that time Apple had just started shipping the iPad. Games like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope were at the top of the charts. I was a mobile industry veteran with over a decade of mobile application development experience, but I had no real experience in designing and building games. It has been a fascinating and challenging journey since then. Along the way I have had some success with games like the award winning Simply Twisted. But I have also had many failures with several games that never saw the light of day. This blog is now part of that journey, where I hope to pass on some of what I learned and share my experiences creating games.

In those few short years since I started working on my mobile games, the mobile game industry has evolved and gone through some significant changes. Back when I first started it was not uncommon to find lots of indie games at top of the App Store charts. Now, week after week, it seems like the front page of App Store is full of games made by the same large game studios. The big game studios that for years dominated the desktop and console game market are now getting into mobile games in a big way. It is getting increasingly more difficult for indie developers to stand out in the App Store. Now more than ever I think it is important for small independent game developers to share ideas and learn from each other. My hope is that this blog can be part of that conversation, and will become a valuable resource for anyone interested in creating their own mobile games.

I plan to focus the discussion on the nuts and bolts of mobile game creation, concentrating mostly on programming. I also expect to talk about game design, as well as art and audio creation. I may even sneak in some conversation about game marketing and monetization. Along the way I hope to share some of the progress on my current games in development. I am always looking for good feedback on my games. And who knows, perhaps seeing my game prototypes may help trigger ideas for your own games.

I welcome your feedback and encourage you to join in the conversation. I am excited that you are here and hope you enjoy reading the blog.

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