Website Marketing Strategies For Structuring Your Blog

With the changes in the Google algorithms last September and October, it is a good idea to include how to structure your blog as a part of your web marketing strategies. Any website marketing plan should be this way if we are looking to rank high on search engines for the free traffic that this method will provide. Pointing videos at a website structured using this method, from video hosting websites, and uploading the videos and the links to Social Media sites is one of the better website marketing tips that I can offer, and this method is a part of our overall guide to online marketing success. Structure things like this:

Build your home page and place one video on it. Then upload this video and 4 more to point from websites with a good Alexa ranking back to this home page.

Then add one page tab and name that page with the title of one of your “related keywords”.

Add one video to that page and then upload that video and 4 more to high ranking video and/or social sites just as in step 1.

Then add 3 to 5 blog posts and using anchor tags as one of your search engine marketing strategies.

Then add your second page tab with the title of a keyword that is related to your main domain keyword with a video and upload that one and 4 more and…

It’s just a matter of “lather, rinse, repeat”. One of the best website marketing tips that I could ever give anyone is to find a strategy that worked and stick to it.

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