Traditional PC Vendors Such as HP Facing Huge Competition from Apple iPad

Apple iPad succeeded well to replace the traditional PC in the market. Current market trends are confirming the upper hand of the Apple iPad over the tradition PCs with strong constant sales. Apple shipped fifteen million iPads in the fourth quarter along with 5 million Macs. It is almost 17% over the total 120 million PCs shipped all over the world during the fourth quarter. The mentioned figures are based on the research conducted by the Canalys. The computer giant HP who lead the PCs market all these day succeeded to bag just 12.7 of the total PCs sales in the mentioned fourth quarter. This is definitely a great threat for the popular PC sellers such as HP and Dell. The popular notebook category is seems to be replaced successfully with the Apple iPad.

Apple is definitely encroaching into the PCs market with strong sales through their popular iPads and Macs. Years back, Apple is a product for the U.S. citizens. Now, all the Apple products are the best sought after ones all over the world. This kind of trend is clearly overshadowing the market for the other PC brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and some more.

The same trend in following in the mobile industry as well and it was witnessed when Samsung made a comment recently that people in USA are obsessed by Apple products and now it is time to change. Is Samsung trying to make their presence felt? No doubt Apple products are the most adorable and hot selling products in USA and around the globe and others are just following them with few added innovation. Let us see how far Apple is going to give tough time to other manufacturers like HP, Acer and many more. Do let us know your view in below comments and let us start a discussion over it.

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