Top 5 Crypto currency to Invest

Are you willing to invest on a crypto currency which doubles your investment. The these top 5 crypto currency is for you to invest in 2018. We all know that cryptocurrencies are the virtual currency which depends upon the buyers and sellers of the coins. If you think about Bitcoin has a huge sell margin than the Etherum. These 5 crypto currency which i am going to explain are depend up on buyers and sellers. I guarantee you that this crypto currency will give at least 50% of profit to you, but there is problematic thing in this sometimes crypto market change continually this may give problem to the coin.

These are the Top 5 Crypto currency to Invest on 2018:

1) Ripple: Ripple is the 3rd most using coin in the crypto currency market which had a huge amount of buyers and sellers. This coin definitely have chances to rule the crypto currency market in the future. Right now Ripple is having the price of 1 dollar and there is estimation of reaching 5 dollars in the end of 2018. Ripple had once reached to 3 dollars so we could expect that to reach 5 dollars by the end of 2018. So this will be one of the best crypto currency to invest in 2018.

2) Electroneum: Electroneum is the newly introduced coin by Richard Ells which got huge number of buyer after releasing the coins. Electroneum also has good promotion and following. Electroneum has gained 47 rank in the crypto currency market. Electroneum started in 2017 november with the ICO price of 0.01 dollars. Which is almost went to 20 times higher then the initial price. Electroneum later came into 3 to 4 cents but now running in almost 6 to 7 cents of price. If you are willing to go with long term for any coin Electroneum will be a perfect coin for you to invest up on. According to the estimation this coin have chances of reaching 40 cents to 1 dollar by the end of 2018.

3) Monetize coin: Monetize coin is also a newly introduced coin just like Electroneum. Monetize coin right now having around price off 2.5 dollars in the crypto currency market. The ICO of this coin ended on february 2018. This coin can have a huge sell and buy margin than the Electroneum. This coin have high chances of reaching high level in crypto currency market. If you miss this coin ICO then you should definitely try to grab some coins because this coin has great following and promotion. Monetize coin team has good team work and good promotion for the coin so this coin have higher chances of reaching the price of 100 dollars by the end of this year.

4) Steem: Steem is one the best and most futuristic crypto currency steem doesn’t even charge a single cent for the transaction. This means when ever the transactions are happening the transaction chances is zero. You can invest in steem without a doubt because steem has higher chances of reaching getting 2 to 3 times of returns by investing in the steem.

5) Tron: Tron is also having high number of buyers and sellers. Tron coin has the rank of 16 in the crypto currency market there is now problem for you to invest upon this coin due to its tremendous growth. You can expect two to three times of profit if you are going with Tron by the end of this year.

Hence these are the top 5 crypto currencies to invest on 2018 you may get profitable by investing in this coin but you should definitely how so much of patience if you are trying to get 10 to 15 times profit by investing in these coin. I hope that this information was helpful for you to invest on crypto currency in 2018.

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