Top 10 Computer Games

When somebody is trying to make a top list, no matter the subject, the the main problem to deal with is the variety of tastes and preferences. The top list maker should know that he’ll irritate almost everyone and satisfy a few, because everyone wants to find their choices inside the top. So, we are not the first ones who will try to make a top list. Over the years you could find lengthy lists in gaming magazines and websites, in a trial to patch wide guides analyzing the best video games of all time. We must say that if you look to find top lists of games before the new millennium rise, don’t expect to find many things about.

Most of us have been playing games for as long as we know ourselves. Over the years, each of us played some truly incredible games that have left a big impression on us, helping set the very high expectations for quality that all users alike have come to hold for today’s games. As time has gone by, games have changed dramatically in every way. You can’t compare games from the 1980s with the modern games. Nevertheless, we can think of numerous remarkable games from every era of this still-young industry. The top lists of video games is the new millennium attribute. Next we’ll give you our top ten computer games, but first we have to mention that this list can be called also “the most influential PC games”, not the best. Like we have already mention, the people preferences are so vast and what for a person is the first, for someone else could be not even close. For example, Doom is for sure an influential game, but who can tell that Doom is the best game?

Here is our top ten computer:

10. Quake III

9. World of Warcraft

8. Battlefield 2:

7. Doom:

6. StarCraft

5. Footbal Manager 2007

4. Rome – Total War

3. Half Life

2. Civilization IV

1. Deus Ex

These are all uniquely different games, on a variety of different platforms, released at completely different times. We hold them in equally high regard–they’re the absolute best of the best, each one a genuine classic that can still be appreciated today or whenever. This top represent a synthesis of a different agendas, outlooks, and opinions on what is considered the best video game. Some of the games from our list are recognized like historically “relevant” while others “innovative”, or just simply games that were fun to play. It is a fact that the PC games have a high total overall very large and that is a clue that there is not much agreement over which PC game is the best.

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