The disparity between what Google says and what it’s algorithm does

So Matt Cutts says your 5-10 year old website which engaged in linkbuilding is violating Google’s T&Cs and you are expecting to have your business wiped off of the online map? Sounds familiar, I’m certain this is not the first post which alerted you to the bullshit of “SEO is dead” so I won’t bother boring you with a lecture on it. If I had my way, I’d do-away with the labels “Blackhat” and “Whitehat” all together as they only serve to suit Google’s purposes. Google uses scare tactics to shape and mould webmasters into following their T&Cs because their algorithm is ineffective and flawed.

So when I think about the labels “Blackhat” and “Whitehat” I see a fabrication created by Google to deceive you. The truth is that Google’s SERPs are controlled by an algorithm which is incredibly ineffective and needs to be backed up with scare tactics. There is no White or Black, there is only “on-page and off-page SEO”, the notion of Blackhat and Whitehat encompasses linkbuilding, SEO and online promotion as a whole.

What the smarter marketers among us are doing is taking a sceptical look at what Matt Cutts says and are treating Google’s search engine as exactly what it is, an algorithm. Google wants you to concentrate on Matt Cutts and their brand, but you should be concentrating on the algorithm and what it does, because once you compare what Matt Cutts says to the actual results of the algorithm you will see a huge disparity.

The fact is, after a Google algorithm update is applied it does not result in the kind of quality SERPs Google says it will.

Whether you are a business owner, an SEO consultant or an entrepreneur you likely feel that SEO is an uphill struggle. Watching videos of Matt Cutts is quite a demoralizing experience when you are simply trying to move forward in the online world. We get sucked into this black-hole of Google’s scare tactics and see no light at the end of the tunnel as they dangle the carrot that doesn’t exist.

Let me ask you a question, would you listen to someone about how not to run your business? Or would you pay attention to what the most successful businesses in your industry are doing?

You can pay attention to Google and what problems may arise for your business, or you could pay attention to the websites that are thriving and the strategies used to rank extremely well through every update.

This is exactly what I’ve been doing and the most shocking part of my research is the amount of websites at the top of Google for million dollar keywords which do not do what Google says and go directly against their T&Cs yet continue to rank well. This only further solidifies the realization that Google is just an algorithm which can be circumvented, think Neo in The Matrix and you get the picture.

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