Study Group 70-528

Study Group 70-528
Exam 70-528 – Click here for the study group’s website link

The 70-528 Exam covers all aspects of .NET Framework 2.0 Web-Based Client Development. It is a key component in both the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications for Web Development and successful completion of this exam indicates that you have a solid understanding of Web Client Development.

About ODNC Study Groups

The Ottawa .NET Community has successfully hosted 4 Study Groups. Each Study Group aims at mastering material for a specific MCTS exam. We take a peer-to-peer approach to learning and all participants are involved in preparing and presenting the material being worked on. We use self study kits which break down exam requirements into 13 chapters and spend a week on each chapter (note that larger chapters are spread over 2 weeks). Participants are expected to prepare for each session by reading the material and doing the exercises. Each week’s study session runs for 2½ hours (6:00pm – 8:30pm), is broken into 3 sections (Content Review, Labs/Exercises/Demos, and Exam Prep), and presented by Study Group Members on a rotating basis. We have two reviews built into the schedule (Mid Term, and Final) and we expect all participants to write the certification exam at the end of the study session.

Update: The code samples/examples/projects have moved to CodePlex. Please visit

Study Group Schedule – Please click on the CodePlex link above for code samples.

Date Chapter Title, Discussion Topic Team
May 26, 2008 Chapter 01: Introducing the ASPNET 2.0 Web site Peter, Charlie
Jun 02, 2008 Chapter 02: Adding and Configuring Server Controls Web 5.Oh
Jun 09, 2008 Chapter 03: Lesson 1 – Exploring Specialized Web Server Controls Web-atics
Jun 16, 2008 Chapter 03: Lesson 2- Working with Data-Bound Web Server Controls WebFormers
Jun 23, 2008 Chapter 04: Lesson 1 – Using the ADO.NET Disconnected Classes Silverhabs
Jun 30, 2008 Chapter 04: Lesson 2 – Using the ADO.NET Connected Classes Web 5.Oh
Sep 08, 2008 Chapter 04: Lesson 3 – Working with XML Data Web-atics
Sep 15, 2008 Chapter 05: Lesson 1 – Working with User Controls WebFormers
Sep 22, 2008 Chapter 05: Lesson 2 – Working with Customs Web Server Controls Silverhabs
Sep 29, 2008 First Half Review (Chapters 1-5) Brian, Souheil
Oct 06, 2008 Chapter 06: Input Validation and Site Navigation Web 5.Oh
Oct 14, 2008 Chapter 07: ASP.NET State Management Web-atics
Oct 20, 2008 Chapter 08: Programming the Web Application WebFormers
Oct 27, 2008 Chapter 09: Customizing and Personalizing a Web Application Silverhabs
Nov 03, 2008 Chapter 10: Globalization and Accessibility Web 5.Oh
Nov 10, 2008 Chapter 11: Implementing Authentication and Authorization Web-atics
Nov 17, 2008 Chapter 12: Creating ASP.NET Mobile Web Applications WebFormers
Nov 24, 2008 Chapter 13: Monitoring, Deploying and Caching Applications Silverhabs
Dec 01, 2008 Second Half Review (Chapters 6-13) Scott, Souheil
Dec 08, 2008 Total Review (Chapters 1-13) Brian, Charlie