Social networking online does’nt compare to Perth Meetup.

Social networking online doesnt compare to Perth Meetup.

Online social networking sites are great, but nothing can compare with the advantages of a Perth Meetup and connecting with someone in real life. Real life social networking can have the power to make business deals a reality and to make online relationships more concrete in a matter of minutes. That is why it is such a good idea to attend a Perth Meetup in your field if you are able to. But conferences can cost a lot of money. Perth Small Business Meetup is free. Here are six steps to using a Perth Meetup to grow your personal and professional advantage:

1. Make a Profile

Make sure to list your location, write an introduction about yourself, put up a picture, and add any friends that you either already have or are interested in. Fill in as much information about you as possible, making sure that it gives off a clean and professional impression to anyone who may not know you. Decide which types of future, as-yet-non-existent Meetup groups you would be interested in joining as well.

2. Join Groups

The kind of groups you join will be based on what kind of business you are running or are interested in. Luckily, there are plenty of Meetup groups that are just generally about business: business development, business networking, etc. Use the search option with the appropriate keywords to help you find the appropriate groups. Make sure to research the groups to see if they’re active, and who leads them, as well as who is already a member. If there are people in your community that you would like to get to know, try to join the same groups that they are a part of.

3. Start Networking

You don’t have to go to your first Meetup to start networking with potential contacts, clients, or friends. Send people who interest you a greeting, and make a note of which groups they currently belong to. You may begin to notice that the same people seem to be involved in various groups. These are the people you want to know! Send them a greeting and introduce yourself.

4. Perth Meetups.

Showing up to the Perth Meetup groups you joined is, of course, the most important step of this whole process. Yes it can be scary to meet a bunch of people for the first time, but get out there! The rewards you reap will be much greater than if you had spend the same amount of time at home alone in front of your computer. And if you successfully completed Step 3, you’ll have a reason to approach people to introduce yourself. They’ll be impressed if you remember their name and interests.

5. Follow Up

Follow up on the conversations you had at your Perth Meetup. Send someone an email saying how nice it was to meet them, send a link to a resource you had talked about, etc. This will help to solidify you in their minds, and people like to be remembered. See if they’re attending the next Meetup, or expand on something you talked about. You want to further the relationship.

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