Keywords – How Important are Keywords

Keywords and Keyword Terms drive Internet marketing. Without the best keywords or terms your Internet marketing business will fail, pure and simple. Here you will find some basic keyword help. There is a large amount of information about keywords and how they relate to Internet marketing. We have only touch on the most basic importance of keywords.

Your Domain Name and Keywords:
It is recommended you have you main keyword in your domain name. There are two basic reasons, first is recognition and the second is for search engine optimization. If your site is about dogs and the keyword dog or dogs is in your domain name someone searching for information about dogs will be more likely to remember your site. When the search engines are looking for a site related to dogs they will see dog or dogs in your domain name and it will become part of their search results.

Your Product and Keywords:

All Internet marketers are looking for that perfect keyword, a word or phrase that no other marketer is using but one that is being used as a search word or phrase. At this stage of Internet marketing, the most popular and well known keywords have saturated the market. If you are using paid advertising it would be very expensive to bid on the well known keywords. Your task is to find less used keywords for your product. Less popular keywords means lower cost per click.

What Keyword Or Keyword Terms To Use:
First of all, know that you Do Not need to use the most popular and highest traffic keywords. The high traffic keywords are going to have a high bid cost and unless your product has a high profit margin it will be hard to make money off these keywords. High volume does not always guarantee a high conversion rate. The more search specific the keyword the more likely you will convert that search into a sale. A niche market calls for niche keywords. Again, if someone is searching for information on how to stop their sheepdog from chewing on the cat, a keyword of dog may get you loads of traffic but few conversions. However, how to stop your dog from chewing on the cat may not get you as much traffic but the traffic will be specific to your product and your conversion rate will be higher and your cost per click will be low.
It is better to have ten low traffic keywords with a high conversion rate than one high traffic keyword with a low conversion rate. As you can see, traffic is no good without getting a sale from the search. Simple math.

Getting Keyword Help:

Google Keyword Tool is the best place to start getting keyword help. It is free and the result comes from Google’s search data. There are other sources to get keyword help; some are free for a short trial period and other cost from the beginning. One source for finding what keywords other marketers are using for their niche products is We use and recommend it after you get started.
Your own brain can be your best keyword help. Using you main keyword think about how other people may phrase the keyword while entering a search term. You may be surprised at how many new keywords or terms you can come up with.

Keywords and Keyword Terms drive internet marketing. Without the best keywords or keyword terms you will limit the visibility of your website. Understanding the importance of keywords and how to best use them is critical.

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