How to do effective keyword research

The concrete stone of any SEO Project is keyword research as it doesn’t do any good for your website if you are optimizing your website for keywords that nobody is searching for in search engines. Keywords are some times misinterpreted as single words but they are actually not single words they are group of words or phrases that people might use to find the information of your website. From this point of view keyword research is important as people use keywords in search engine’s search box to try fill there needs and in respond to that search engines show the best pages they think that the searcher is looking for. If you want search engines to deem you page on top of search results you need to know what keywords your targeted audios are typing into search engine, it’s a critical job.

This work can be made easy by using keyword research tool some of the most popular keyword research tools are:-



>Google Keyword tool (Adwords tool)

It helps you know what is searched for and what isn’t.

Keyword research is foundation of your SEO program, there are basically seven steps to find right keyword phrases:-

>Brainstorming Keywords: – You should think about your targeted market and audio’s. Does your website cover a small area of entire nation or entire world and what about there Demographics all these things actually help you to decide different keyword phrases?

>Categorize: – Now take the brainstorming keywords and categories them according to there priority. Create a set of keywords based on product or service type.

>Research: – Now you are ready to hit the keyword research tool, you can start with set phrase from a category or if you are already running a website then simply plug-in the URL and let the tool do the work for you.

>Compile: – All keyword research tool allow you to export the phrases into spreadsheets once you have download the spreadsheets re-categories them.

>Winnow: – Once you have all the data available with you, you can remove unwanted keywords that are good for nothing or having extremely low search count. By the end of this process you will have quite decent list of keywords.

>Determine Competitiveness: – Competitiveness means how many other websites are targeting those same keyword phrases. Each keyword can be broken down into specific level of competitiveness.

>Finalize the keywords that will be used: – It’s done on the bases of search volume of keywords i.e. number of searches and its relevancy to your website.

This is keyword research process in nutshell. As these steps are fundamentals that lead to successful SEO projects.

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