File Hosting

File hosting is a great idea because you can easily move your information off of your local computer and store it somewhere else so that you can save space on your hard drive. This can also be a great option to be sure that all of your documents are safe and duplicated in another area, even if your hard drive crashes. Many of us forget exactly how much we have stored on our computers. Think about all of the important files, music, pictures, or even work documents that you have on your computer that you don’t ever want to loose! CrystalTech can provide you with a simple way to utilize the storage space that you need to be sure that you will have all of your files when you need them, no matter what.

Managing your data can be difficult, but as an experienced file hosting provider, CrystalTech can give you the archival systems and organization that you need to make storage a breeze. When you need a document or picture, you will know right where to get it, and while you do this you will also be saving space on your hard drive so that your computer continues to work as efficiently as possible for you. Unfortunately, most people do not think of saving all of their data until they have lost it or until a portion of it has become damaged due to hard drive or computer related issues. This is a great way to avoid problems easily and efficiently.

When you work with CrystalTech, you will receive the ultimate file hosting service. Simply setup a new connection in “my network places” that uses the ftp account or site account that is setup with your plan, and your files are just a click away. It works just like a floppy or writable CD ROM. Drag and drop your files to or from your new window.

As a file host, we provide you with offsite data storage for your personal office or business that can act as an extension to your hard drive. All data within our data storage solution is backed up again to our RAID 10 backup servers for redundancy. You can even access the redundant backup files at any time for a one small one time cost.

We hope that you will browse around our website to see just how much we have to offer you as a file host and so much more! With several different storage options to choose from, we are sure that you will find something that perfectly suits your needs as well as your budget.

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