Automatic Backlink Creator Review

I’ve had this bad boy for a couple of months now. I actually picked it up while it was still in the development stage and have been using it a lot. Today however, the Automatic Backlink Creator V2 went live which means it’s time for a review!


Automatic Backlink Creator is a bit of a mouthful so I’ll be calling it the ABC plugin for the rest of this review. It was actually called the ABC plugin when I first heard about it and I think most people will be referring to it as the ABC plugin anyway.


The ABC plugin is a plugin for WordPress. So, if you’re not using WordPress then you can stop reading now and maybe go and Google the benefits of using WordPress instead! For the other 99.9% of Internet marketers that are using WordPress then this plugin is definitely of use to you.

Once you’ve got it installed can choose up to 500 different URLs that you want to send links to. These can be on any of your sites or you can even send links to your HubPages, Squidoo Lenses, EzineArticles or any other URL you can think of!

The links will appear in the sidebar of any site that has the ABC widget showing on their site. You can also have the ABC widget showing on your site if you wish but that is optional. You can choose as many different anchor text variations as you want and you also select which category of sites to show the links.

For example if I wanted to promote the URL of this page I would choose some anchor text variations like {ABC Review|Automatic Backlink Creator Review|ABC plugin}. I would then select the Interent marketing category so that the links would only be displayed on IM related websites.

The plugin will gradually build up your backlinks at a normal rate. So you’ll be getting related links back to your website but you’ll also be getting real visitors too! At the moment the number of sites in the network is in the tens of thousands and you can expect that to rize now that the official version is out! That means a lot of backlinks from a lot of unique IPs.

It gets even better though!

You can also submit spun articles into the network which will be posted on related sites. You can include up to 3 anchor text links. You can also spin your anchor text as well!! I’ve been using this feature a lot and the number of pingbacks I’m getting is amazing!

That means that Google is indexing my backlinks and counting them. And in my opinion you can’t get a better link than a contextual related backlink!

You can also have other peoples spun articles automatically submitted to your own sites if you want! That will give you a lot of free unique content. Plus it’s possible to track where every article has been submitted which means you can build backlinks to the articles that you’ve submitted AND if you are accepting articles on your own sites then the chances are the owners of those articles will be building backlinks to your sites as well which means even more backlinks!

This is an excellent link building plugin! It has actually become one of my main link building tools now! That’s how good it is! The downside is that it’s not cheap and that it’s also a monthly fee as well. At least the god thing about monthly subscriptions is that the program keeps getting updates.

In my opinion, it’s worth every penny though! The rankings on my money sites are continuing to improve for loads more keywords than I ever imagined! Bargain! If you have WordPress and you want quality automatic backlinks, then you need this plugin.

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