7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Big Day

1. Request Your RSVPs be made online.
I think it’s safe to say that 95% of your guests have access to email. Those 5% will need a paper invite, but it’s totally acceptable to send the invitations via email. You can even link to an RSVP system, like the one WeddingWire.com  offers. Sure, you won’t get to pick out all of the fancy stationery for your big day, but you won’t have to worry about getting the correct mailing address, or paying for postage. Trust me, postage can add up! And, there are other paper items you can design and buy, like ceremony programs.

2. Buy sheet cake instead of a 4-tiered cake.
This is another easy way to save some serious money. Definitely have a special cake for you and your hubby, but then buy sheet cake from a local baker or a place like Costco to feed the rest of your guests.I would recommend reading reviews of the baker or ask for a sheet cake sample. Most likely, your guests won’t even notice and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you saved! Picking up the sheet cake is also a great task for that uncle or cousin that wants to help you on your big day.

3. Choose blooms in season.
This is a HUGE one, ladies. Three out of four times a bride will fall in love with a bouquet she found on Pinterest, save them to her phone, and then pull them out during a floral consultation. The florist then tells the bride that those florals cost twenty dollars a stem and the bride is devastated and has to rethink her floral design or she blows her entire wedding budget on those peonies. To avoid this situation, educate yourself on what blooms are in season on your wedding day. Go into your consultation with realistic expectations and a firm budget. A great florist will help you create stunning florals without the hefty price tag. Rue Magazine has a helpful guide for choosing florals. You can find that HERE.

4. DIY your bar.
Going DIY on your bar might sound a little intimidating, but let me tell you, it’s not as bad as you think. Here’s an article I wrote on how you can do your bar yourself and save thousands. Make sure you buy your liquor wholesale and hire a responsible bartender. I would advise you not skip on the hor d’oeuvres. Nothing is worse than hangry guests. If you aren’t having food, make sure you don’t keep your cocktail hour more than 45 minutes.

5. Use a rental dress service.
Another way you can save some pennies is renting your wedding dress. Borrowed Magnolia or Rent the Runway are both great resources to rent your dream dress. Sure, you won’t have it for your little girls someday, but instead keep other things like your clutch or hair accessories. Most likely, the styles will change so dramatically that your daughter will want to wear something completely different than what you have. Save some money and rent the dress of your dreams!

6. Repurpose your decor.
Don’t be afraid to buy less florals, vases, and other decor and repurpose it between the ceremony and reception areas. During the cocktail hour, designate someone to take the decor from the ceremony to the reception area. That way you can spend less on florals, expensive Etsy signs, and so on. It’s an easy way to save a few pennies.

7. Don’t splurge on your shoes.
Please, PLEASE don’t buy expensive shoes for your wedding. Your shoes might be in one or two shots at the most. At first I bought a pair of shoes that cost over one-hundred dollars then I thought about ALL of the things I could have paid for with those hundred dollars and proceeded to return the shoes. I bought fifteen dollar shoes at Payless Shoes and never regretted it.

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